Lab Streaming Layer - LSL

The Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) allows researchers to synchronise different data streams across devices. Our Lab Streaming Layer allows synchronisation of data from the OCOsense glasses with data from other devices, such as EEG, eye tracking, and motion capture systems, etc. You can access the LSL client from the public GitHub repository.

To connect the client to the table you would need to:

  1. (PC) Clone the repository
  2. (PC) Install the packages used from the requirements.txt file
  3. (PC) Run the script, the Emteq LSL Client window should appear
  4. (iPad) Create a task with the LSL option enabled
  5. (iPad) Open the LSL-enabled task as if you were to record data
  6. (PC) In the Emteq LSL Client press the ‘scan' button
  7. (PC) Select the name of the OCOsense glasses you are using, and you should be able to see the data streamed