Open-Face Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running quickly with your emteqPRO as a stand-alone device (without HMD). Simply follow the 3 short video guides below; Attaching the emteqPRO Mask your computer, running an Emteq SDK application to save raw sensor data, and using our SuperVision monitoring application to view data in real-time. If at any point you need assistance consult the more detailed manuals and our FAQ or contact our support team.

The EmteqPRO Open-Face Mask is also the emteqPRO Mask for HTC Vive Pro Eye and can be used in either configuration.

1. Setting up the emteqPRO Mask as Open-Face

2. Get our Emteq SDK Demo for Windows 10+

3. Viewing Real-Time Data via SuperVision