The emteqPRO comprises:

  1. The emteqPRO Mask
  2. The SuperVision application
  3. An Emteq SDK for Unity
  4. The Emteq Emotion AI Engine, a cloud-based machine learning engine for generating emotion data
  5. Sample code, documentation and demos

The emteqPRO is currently available for the HTC Vive Pro / Vive Pro Eye VR headsets. We are working on development of a sister product for the Pico range of VR HMDs.

emteqPRO Mask

This is our "Lab in a box research platform". The emteqPRO provides a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one solution to track, label and synchronise actions in VR with user responses, with an integrated API, enabling objects to be tagged.

emteqPRO Mask


Is the base emteqPRO Mask containing the forehead sensors, heart rate monitor and USB connectors. This specifically refers to the portion of the mask without the side sensor inserts described below.


Sensor inserts

Sometimes called; side inserts

Also sometimes referred to as ‘side inserts' or ‘mask inserts' these are the removable side inserts for the emteqPRO Mask each with 2 pairs of sensors, with the right side containing an additional fit sensor, totalling 5. These come in two forms, wide and narrow to allow for a better fit on a wider range of faces. These can be mismatched if this provides a better fit. Each are labelled to show which size and side they fit to.

Sensor inserts


SuperVision allows researchers to monitor mask fit, data quality and the session in progress, and displays the contact state of sensors together with real-time signals from each. It is a windows-based application.

The SuperVision app is documented here.

SDK for Unity

The Emteq Unity SDK is our plugin solution for Unity app developers to easily and seamlessly integrate their existing application to work with the emteqPRO Mask. It is available for Unity 2019.4 or higher and includes a name of sample demo scenes to assist with the development our technology into your application.

You can read more about the EmteqVR Unity SDK or browse though our general Data Overview.

Emotion Engine

The ‘Emotion Engine' provides data insights via Emteq's cloud-based, offline machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are used by uploading data from SuperVision. The returned data files contain insights such as affect (as arousal and valence), heart rate variability and more. See ‘Data Insights' in our documentation for more details.

Demos & Sample Code

Emteq Unity VR Demo

We have made available the sample demo scenes available in the Emteq Unity SDK in the form of pre-compiled applications allowing you to quickly test and collect data from users. It contains a variety of methods to demonstrate data collection from the emteqPRO Mask in a full VR environment support the HTC VIVE Pro and HTC VIVE Pro Eye.

You can find the latest version of the Emteq Unity VR Demo on our downloads page.

Emteq Unity Desktop Demo

We also have a Desktop variant available, using mostly the same demo scenes but that can be run without a VR HMD. This allows developers to wear the mask in Open-face mode for ease of use during development.

You can find the latest version of the Emteq Unity Desktop Demo on our downloads page.


Fitstate describes how well the sensor contact from the emteqPRO Mask is in relation to reading accurately from the users face. This is broken down into pairs of sensors for each muscle group on both sides of the face.

DAB file

A DAB file is a data file with a .dab extension that contains the raw data recording made with the emteqPRO Mask. It can be converted to CSV using our tools found here, and the full CSV specification can be found here.

Event file

Event files are JSON formatted files that are often created alongside the DAB file. These contain markers and additional data from a scene and cover a wide range of ‘events' within the scene. Anything from moving from one room to another, gazing at a particular object, beginning and end of videos or denoting facial expressions requested from the user by the application. These are customised for each application built to use the emteqPRO.