Package Content and Apps

1. Package Contents

The OCOsense glasses are shipped with a USB-C charger. This charger is used for charging the glasses . The OCOsense glasses run with an iPad application called OCOsense Supervision. The iPad is not included in the sale.


2. OCOsense glasses

The OCOsense glasses are a state-of-the-art wearable technology designed to enhance your daily life. The OCOsense glasses have 13 different sensors:

  1. Navigation Right Cheek

  2. Proximity Right Cheek

  3. Navigation Right Temple

  4. Proximity Right Brow

  5. Navigation Right Brow

  6. Proximity Top Centre

  7. Proximity Bottom Centre

  8. Navigation Left Brow

  9. Proximity Left Brow

  10. Navigation Left Temple

  11. Proximity Left Cheek

  12. Navigation Left Cheek

  13. IMU (9 axis) : Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer


3. System Requirements

To run the OCOsense glasses, we recommend the iPad Pro (11-inch, 2nd generation) using iPad OS 17.0.3 or higher for the best display. The OCOsense glasses will run on a smaller iPad, but you may experience slight display overlaps on the screen.

4. OCOsense iPad App - OCOsense Supervision

OCOsense Supervision can be downloaded from the TestFlight upon requests.

5. OCOSense Web App - OCODataLab

The OCOsense Web App is a web-based application that allows you to view and analyse your data. The OCOsense Web App can be accessed via the following link: