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1 05/05/2019 Initial version approved. Simon Mohsen
2 24/05/2019 2nd version approved. Mohsen Simon
3 13/06/2019 Additional info on compliance. Mohsen Simon
4 14/06/2019 Rearranging sections and adding further information on software steps. Mohsen Simon
5 25/06/2019 Individual parts photos. Adding more information on software setup. Mohsen Simon
6 10/11/2020 Quick instructions and high-level user manual included. Maya Ifi
7 22/01/2021 Merging updated emteqPRO instruction manual with emteqVR manual template. Hadjer Mohsen
8 02/02/2021 Additional csv info and FAQ section added based on customer feedback. Maya, Ifi Ifi
9 14/03/2021 System Requirements. Chris Maya
10 19/04/2021 MVP update and review. Maya, Ifi Ifi
11 27/04/2021 Restructuring of the sections. Maya, Ifi Graeme
12 15/05/2021 Conversion from Word Doc to Markdown. Chris Ifi
13 16/05/2021 Re-structuring, playing with the format. Graeme Graeme
14 11/06/2021 Added FAQ & Glossary. Chris Ifi
14 25/06/2021 Additions based on customer support queries. Chris Ifi
16 27/07/2021 Updating the FAQ order and language to be more accurate. Sophia Chris
17 05/08/2021 New theme (switching to a more basic one for upgrades). Chris Ifi
18 23/08/2021 Updated with Remote Viewer (video streaming) instructions. Chris Dan, Hugo
19 28/09/2021 Customer Support Updated. Chris Ifi
20 29/10/2021 Added Pico Neo 2 (android) instructions, more to follow. Chris Adam
21 02/11/2021 Site cleaning and link checking. Chris Chris
22 08/11/2021 Mobile site improvements. Chris Adam
23 09/11/2021 CSV Specification Updates. Craig Chris
24 11/11/2021 Upgrades to many images and copy, more Mobile improvements. Chris Ifi
24 17/11/2021 CSV Specification spelling and grammar. Craig Chris
25 08/12/2021 DABTools Instructions page added. Chris Craig
26 10/12/2021 Improved guides for Open-Face/Vive Pro Mask setup. Chris Ifi
27 07/01/2022 Use Illustrations instead of Photos for guides. Chris Dan
28 12/01/2022 Updated Technical Specification. Mohsen Chris
29 25/05/2022 Better Data Section, added Neo 3 pages. General layout Improvements. Chris, Filip, Ivana Ifi
30 04/07/2022 Updated SuperVision chart guides, Open Face Guides for app and clips. Chris Dan, Buse
31 23/08/2022 SDK 2 updates with Pico Support and name change update. Hugo Chris
32 04/10/2022 Quick Start Guide Updates. Remove Pico Neo 2 refs. Chris Mohsen
33 15/11/2022 Better Algo Descriptions. Sophia Chris
34 18/11/2022 Best fit guide video, re-index. Chris Sophia