Emteq Labs Support Desk

For all support please visit our helpdesk portal where you can sign up, or go directly to the new ticket page.

Alternatively you can email support@emteqlabs.com.

When reporting an issue it would be helpful to include additional details that will speed up the process and give us the best chance to resolve your issue quickly.

Shipping & Returns

Please include all relevant address and contact information, as well as any tracking numbers you have for the package.

Problems with the emteqPRO

If you have received you emteqPRO mask and you are having issues please refer to the data , SuperVision or Open Face app documentation where applicable.

We also recommend that you ensure you have installed that latest versions of our software to ensure the issue is not already resolved. These are available from the downloads page at any time.

If you cannot find a solution to your issue send us an email support@emteqlabs.com with some of the following details:

  • A description of the issue you are experiencing.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue, starting with confirming correct installation of the mask and associated software.
    • Or Video description if this is a simpler method of demonstrating the issue.
  • Screenshots or photos of the problem.
  • Data file examples of the issue, where appropriate.

There is also a good deal of information in our FAQ so be sure to check there in addition to the data documentation.


We can also help you with feedback. If you are unsure of which communication channel to use to provide us with useful feedback on your experience using our solution you can contact us via support. We are always open to suggestions for improvements so feel free to contact us via support@emteqlabs.com.