Pico Neo 2 Guide

This guide is intended to get you up and running quickly. Simply follow the 3 steps below; Setting up the emteqPRO Mask with your Pico Neo 2, running a demo application to save raw sensor data, and using our SuperVision monitoring application to view data in real-time. If at any point you need assistance consult the more detailed manuals and our FAQ or contact our support team.


Do not expose the optical lenses to direct sunlight or other strong light sources. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause permanent yellow spot damage on the screen. Screen damage caused by sunlight exposure or other strong sources of light is not covered by the warranty.

1. Setting up the emteqPRO Mask for Pico Neo 2

Once you receive you emteqPRO Mask it will be pre-attached to the Pico Neo 2 for you. You won't need to do anything besides ensuring the attached USB-C cable is connected to the port on the HMD and inserting either the narrow or wide side pieces and insert them into the slots on the mask. You can see more detailed instructions here.

You will first need to be connected to your Wi-Fi, so once on the Home screen go ahead and selected the appropriate connection and enter the password. At this point it is wise to note down the IP address of the HMD to use later.

  1. From the main home screen select Settings in the bottom corner.
  2. The select Developer from the menu that appears.
  3. Now select Network & internet and chose the Wi-Fi connection in use.
  4. From here you should find the devices IP address which you can make a note of.

You can also remove the emteqPRO Mask from the Pico Neo 2 eye and attach it directly to a computer, or plug it in directly via the attached cable.

EmteqDAB Connected Message

Currently it is not required to pair the device via device.emteqlabs.com as the message suggests.
This will be a requirement as the beta program progresses.

2. Get our Emteq SDK Demo for Android

Coming Soon…

Currently there is no demo app available for Android, we hope to have it available as soon possible.

3. Viewing Real-Time Data via SuperVision


In order to view data within the SuperVision application you will need to be running the Emteq SDK to process and record data from the emteqPRO mask. This can be acheived by building a Unity app with our Emteq SDK or by downloading one of our pre-baked demo apps that you can use to get started quickly and reference in future.

Lastly to view real time data as the mask is being used you can use our SuperVision app. Also found under the downloads page, or directly linked here.

Unpack this .zip file and install the app, once installed it will run automatically. It will be kept updated whenever a new version becomes available.

You will need to obtain the IP address from the HMD to be able to connect the SuperVision app. You will need to update the IP settings in the SuperVision app to match. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Desk Demo App First Open