Emteq Labs Software Downloads

Access to all provided software, including the SuperVision app & SDK

emteqPRO Documentation Support Desk
Software Information Link
SuperVision App Downloads as a Zip file. Extract and follow the installation dialogue.
Note: Future updates will be applied automatically. You can safely delete the ZIP folder from your downloads after installation

SuperVision Release Notes
emteqPRO SDK for HTC VIVE The installation route for the SDK is via the Unity Package Manager see here for installation instructions.

SDK Release Notes
Compiled Unity SDK Demos for emteqPRO Downloads as a Zip file. Extract and run the .exe Desktop / VR Demos
DABtools (convert DAB <-> CSV) Executable download, run to install. You may be warned about “unknown publisher” - please click ‘More Info’ and ‘Run Anyway’ to proceed. download
one-user Analysis Script 1 Simple plots and data analysis on EMG and Heart-rate responses from one user for positive, negative and neutral videos. Script 1 Overview
multi-user Analysis Script 2 As above for multiple users, utilizing the data insights for valence and arousal, to compare age groups. Script 2 Overview